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The Impact of Perceived Human Resource Practices on Performance of the Employees Special Reference to the Telecommunication Industry in Jaffna District

Thusyanthini Nadarasa

The biggest management challenge faced today is how to engage the hearts and minds of the employees in search of improves performance. Therefore the present study was developed to find out the impact of HR Practices on employees’ performance. Researcher has selected Telecommunication sector organizations Jaffna district. Sixty employees were selected for this present research. 20% of the population was selected from the total population as sample and data are collected through questionnaires and organization records. In this research, correlation and regression analysis are used to find out strength and nature of the relationship between perceive work related HR Practices and performance of the employees’ Seven hypotheses have been formulated to test the relationship between dependent variables and independent variables. Results indicated that there were positive relationships between HR Practices and performance of the employees. Further it was found that Some HR Practices are highly related with performance of the employees. The finding of this research is that there is a positive relationship between Perceive works related HR Practices and performance of the employees, Therefore organization should find out a best mechanism to enhance best HR Practices to produce high performance