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The Histopathological Effect of Rotavirus in Small Intestine of Mice Isolated from Different Area of Iraq

Abdulazeez AA, Al-Rawi AS, Abdullah WZ, Abed MN, Al hamadani F and Aufi IM

A total of 125 fecal samples of infants with acute gastroenteritis were collected randomly from November 2015 to March 2016. Their ages ranged from two weeks to six months. Rotavirus was diagnosed with three detection kits as well as tissue culture. The present study results revealed that 59 (47.2%), 51(40.8%), and 44(35.2%) were positive using chromatographic immunoassay, ELISA, and PCR techniques, respectively. The histopathological changes in intestine at 2 days post infection showed congested diluted blood vessels with inflammatory cells particularly neutrophils and mononuclear cells and edema in sub mucosa in addition to necrosis of crypt and hypertrophy of goblet cells.