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The High School Students’ Perception of Montemorelos University Image at Montemorelos N.L.

Karla Basurto

To be able to know the perception of a high school student about the Montemorelos University (MU) is important because their willing to continue their education at MU will be affected if they perceive the wrong image from the university. The purpose of this study is to find out the perception of high school students on the image of MU. Specifically intended to answer the following question: What is the perception on the image of Montemorelos University among high school students from MU? Is there any significant relationship between age and gender and the perception on the image of MU? This was a cross-sectional research design survey where data was collected through questionnaire with 139 respondents. The results of our study show that the majority of the students’ perception of UM image is between good and very good. Age did not have a relationship on the perception of image and females has a more significant perception of UM image than males from high school. No significant difference of perception on UM image among different age group of high school students.