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ISSN: 2319-7285


The Extent of Compliance with Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 in Kenyan Hospitals: A Study of Kisii Level 6 Hospital

Peres M. Nyakerario & Gaster N. Nyangweso

Public Procurement and Disposal Act (2005) is a government strategy to bring down corruption in the public sector procurement. Its application in the Public Sector is compulsory to ensure efficiency in procurement of goods, works and services. The study sought to establish whether non-compliance with PPDA (2005) was the reason for persistent long lead-time and stock outs in Kisii Level 6 hospital. The objectives of the study were to assess the extent of compliance with PPDA (2005) on price, lead time and quality of the procured goods, works and services in Kisii Level 6 hospital. The literature reviewed included the Public Procurement Systems in Kenya, Lead-time, quality, Specifications, price, Procurement Planning and Procurement professionalism. Descriptive research design was used. Sample size of 83 respondents was taken using stratified random sampling out of a target population of 416. Data collection was done using structured questionnaires measured on a 5-point Likert scale. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics such frequency percentages and weighted averages. The findings established that there was inadequate training among procurement staff, low rate of compliance on lead-time, price, and procurement planning while quality was rated moderately. However, it was compliant on tendering and inspection of goods, works and services. The study concluded that those with responsibility of handling procurement matters should be trained. The hospital adopted open tendering as a method of procuring goods, works and service which is a sign of promoting competition hence public confidence. Quality was observed moderately, users were not agreeing with lead-time and price which might have led to stock-outs and partial deliveries of procured goods, works and services.

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