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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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The Entry Points to Sustainable Tourism Destination Competitiveness (STC); Philosophical Approach

Hiyab Gebretsadik Weldearegay

This paper is a philosophical approach towards sustainable destination competitiveness. It gives a logical analysis with an abridged view of the wide world argument on STC into condensed entry points. Needless to say that it is a bliss to have everything that matters for STC, it is practically impossible to have everything at disposal and this paper starts by proposing a premise that nations cannot afford to implement the exhaustive list of the determinants of STC. Therefore, the paper argues that it is necessary to melt the whole idea into shortlisted critical variables. The best way to melt it down is through classification, as one cannot do science without classifying the components of a system into a working model by scaling down the disconnected points to a classified generic entry points. Hence, this paper has classified the whole lot of lists in to leveraging areas so others can be transformed along with the process. These leveraging areas are stated in this paper as Entry Points for STC. They are Institutional Capacity and Sustainability. These catch all entry points with their own specific sub-postulates, the competing viewpoints and the logical appropriation of the arguments for experimentation in the eye of science and are discussed in detail with clear lines of sequential ideas.