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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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The Effects of Job Satisfaction towards Employee Turnover in the Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Hotels in Kuala Lumpur City Center

Sangaran G and Jeetesh K

The hospitality sector is labeled as a service sector which provides services to their guest. The industry requires manpower to cope and provide to the guest demands. This situation creates the industry to be labor intensive. How about manpower supply to the industry? Over the years employee turnover has become part of the industries challenge to retain and employ new workforce. The research was to understand the determinants of Job Satisfaction and Effects on Employee Turnover in the hotels. The focus was on the Hospitality industry Food and Beverage department Operational Employees. The research tried to assess the determinants of Job satisfaction and their decision to quit therefore creating a situation of Turnover. The research revealed that Job Performance influenced Turnover where Choice of Work doesn’t and the main factors of Job Satisfaction that lead to turnover were Wages/ Salary and Opportunity for advancement/Career progression. The analysis also revealed that there need to be a balance in order to attract and maintain potential employees as all factors that affect Job Satisfaction directly leads to turnover.