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The Effect of Cassava and Corn Productions as Substitute Products on the Volume of Imported Rice From 1982–2011 in Indonesia

T. Manivasugen, Gan Chaterina Tirta Ganitiya

This study analyzes the effect of cassava and corn productions as substitute products on the volume of imported rice from 1982 –2011 in Indonesia. The researcher assumed that the growth of the production volume of cassava and corn as substitute products of rice in Indonesia had an effect on the amount of imported rice. The authors used this as the problem identification. Secondary data is used in doing this research such as: literature, searching on the web Journals,print journals, and e-books. Single and Multiple regressions are used as the statistic tools. Based on the findings, the independent variables do not have a simultaneous influence on the dependent variable. The result of T-test shows that cassava and corn production factors do not have a partial influence on the volume of imported rice.

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