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The Development of Youth Tourism in Uzbekistan

Sherzod Yunusovich Salimov

Tourism provides a unique opportunity to get deeper into and visually familiarize with the historical and cultural heritage of your country and other states, to awaken a sense of national self-awareness among young people, to cultivate respect and tolerance for the life and customs of other nationalities and peoples. Youth tourism is one of the socio-cultural mechanisms by means of which conditions can be created for the disclosure of young people’s abilities, as well as the consolidation in a youth environment of national, civil-legal and moral-cultural values based on patriotism. In the article, the example of Turkey considers the perspective of the development of youth tourism in Uzbekistan. One of the most beloved countries by the youth is Turkey. Firstly, it is the most inexpensive vacation, thanks to the burning permits that appear for a day or two before departure, and secondly, there certainly will not have to yawn from boredom. As for hotels, you can choose almost any, preferring only the location - they are practically not different from each other. The main purpose is to come and spend the night, no more. The following youth activities can be classified as youth tourism: profile camps, excursions, tourist competitions and events, extreme activities in the natural environment. At the end of the XIX century, he bought a small estate, where 68 children came to res