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The Causal Relationships among Tour Product Selection Criteria, Travel Decision-making, and Evaluation of Travel Agencies

Sang-Jun Kim

The purpose of this study is to analyze issues related to the marketing of travel agencies. Specifically, the causal relationships among selection criteria of tour products, travel decision-making, post behavior, evaluation of the travel agency are verified by the results of a survey of those who travel overseas. The test of the hypotheses involving causal relationships in the existing travel decision-making model and relationships between post-travel behavior and evaluation of the travel agency showed positive relationships. In other words, major factors for selection attributes of tour agencies have a positive impact on purchase of tour products and its positive evaluation showed the positive casual relationship with satisfaction and repurchase of tour products. Also, satisfaction with travel and decision-making for repurchase of tour products resulted in selecting the same travel agency or resulted in a positive evaluation of the travel agency brands. However, given that this exploratory study is based on the existing study that was conducted by applying the concept of evaluation of the travel agency, it may cause objections to the results with respect to statistical verification. In addition, this study is limited in that it did not analyze structural causal relationships among overall concepts and thus implications from the business perspective need further investigation