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The Case for Digital Preservation of the Press and Audio-Visual Documents in Mauritius

Nirmal Kumar Betchoo

While the Mauritian Archives, under the aegis of the Ministry of Information and the National Library of Mauritius, have been constantly being challenged by the threat of stocking information in the form paper documents, it would be wise to consider how content technology in this particular sector that contributes to the cultural patrimony of the country should be digitally preserved. Alongside, the audio-visual sector should also be subject to digital preservation. This problem is current to emerging economies including Mauritius where information has been preserved using traditional methods over the decades where they have provided a wealth of information to researchers, students and decision makers. The threat of data loss is imminent regarding the archival of data in its primitive form. Concerning audio-visual data, such threat could be immense and deprive future generations of resources that are excellent in reviving past memories and major events. Mauritius has, so far, not been able to develop content technologies for the digital preservation of data. This research paper aims at identifying the simple methods of preserving data while at the same time considering how data could be digitally preserved and made customisable to the needs of potential users. Digital preservation would certainly bridge the gap between what the past and the future where the wealth of data preserved becomes a historical and cultural legacy.