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The Art of Mian Xiang and Al Ferasah for Human Resources in Defensive Times

Jessica Khudeida*

Physiognomy, or study of facial characteristics, is practiced daily, either consciously or unconsciously in anticipation of knowing what behavior to expect from people with whom we associate in private and public life. Physiognomy was in use as far back as 16th century. It remained a subject of debate at the turn of 20th century. Your face is your walking resume. Unlike what some may say, we can actually judge a person by his/her looks?if we know how. The features of our face reveal the biggest indications behind our mental, success, hidden path and destiny. In this article the author attempts to review the applications of Physiognomy through history, including for the first time the correlation between the five personality traits employers hire most and the theory of the five officers in the face, and its use in nowadays businesses in peace and defensive times as well as a documented story. In conclusion, this is an ideal introduction to the art of Face Reading, physiognomy, that is considered to be the basic understanding on how people would behave-all by looking at the facial features and a fresh take on Mian Xiang-from a business perspective. Including a touch on the well known similar practice in the Arab world since many centuries Alferasah to a recommendation list for best hiring.