Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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ISSN: 2167-7670


Technology Forecast for Electrical Vehicle Battery Technology and Future Electric Vehicle Market Estimation

Orhan B Alankus

Electric Vehicle (EV) battery technologies is a limiting factor for the wide spread diffusion of electric vehicles. EV battery’s energy density compared to fossil fuels is still very low, thus EV’s have still stringent driving range with voluminous, heavy and high cost batteries. Automotive OEM’s are trying to estimate the future of batteries to do their plans related to electric vehicle manufacturing. This article attempts to estimate the future of EV batteries and mainly that of Li_Ion, Li_S and Li_Air Technologies which seem to be the most promising Technologies as of today. The article explains in detail the methodology used, and the results with an estimation of future EV market as a result of the EV battery development time scale.