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Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis
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Synthesis of Phase-Pure Zeolite Sodalite from Clear Solution Extracted from Coal Fly Ash

Hums E

The formation of zeolite sodalite (SOD) as a by-product in the synthesis of zeolite X from clear solution extracted from fused South African coal fly ash has recently been studied. However, the present study shows that zeolite X as well as zeolite A should be seen as intermediate structures and that phase-pure sodalite can be obtained by increasing crystallization time and temperature. To investigate the transition from zeolites A and X into SOD, the crystallization was conducted at 70, 80, and 90°C for different times. In addition to structural and chemical analyses by XRD and ICP, respectively, a detailed morphological characterization of the synthesis products by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was undertaken in order to investigate the effect of the crystallization conditions on different crystal morphologies of zeolite SOD.