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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
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Survey on Bandage Contact Lens Practice in the United Kingdom

Philipp Baback Baenninger, Christiana Dinah and Francisco Carlos Figueiredo

Purpose: To determine the opinion regarding the prescribing practices of bandage contact lenses (BCL) amongst members of the Bowman Club (UK Cornea Society).
Methods: In June 2011, followed by a reminder in July, a questionnaire was sent out to all 128 members of the Bowman Club. The survey included 19 questions regarding indications, preferred type, methods of insertion, concomitant medication, complications related to BCL use among other questions.
Results: The survey was completed anonymously by 52 (40.6%) consultant ophthalmologists either online (88.5%) or by post (11.5%). The most common indication is pain relief by 51 (98%), followed by promotion of epithelial healing by 49 (94.2%) respondents. Silicon hydrogel soft contact lens is the most commonly used BCL by 39 (75%) consultants. There was a higher incidence of secondary corneal ulcers reported if consultants were using non-sterile (51.9%) versus sterile (15.4%) insertion technique as well as use (26.9%) versus no use of topical prophylactic antibiotic (40.4%).
Conclusions: This is the first survey on practice pattern of BCL use amongst consultant ophthalmologists with expertise in the management of a subspecialty in Ocular Surface Diseases in the UK. It demonstrates that the most common indication for BCL use is pain relief, with silicone hydrogel soft contact lenses being the most frequently used. Secondary corneal ulcers were more frequently seen by consultants that neither use sterile insertion technique nor prophylactic topical antibiotics.