Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
Open Access

ISSN: 2319-7285


Supply Chain Management in Hospitality Industry: Impact on Service Quality in Mcdonald’s Restaurants, Bangalore

Raghavendra A.N.and Dr. Nijaguna G.

The challenges facing supply chain managers in the hospitality industry are significant. One of the major paradoxes they face is that there is a pressing need for strategic supply chain leaders who understand the importance of the supply chain as a strategic asset and who can demonstrate this capability to both top management and to the marketplace. Hence an attempt is made to study the impact of supply chain management on service quality in hospitality industry. The data was collected from 20 supply chain managers across the McDonald’s restaurants in Bangalore. Upon testing the hypothesis stated in the current study, it clearly indicates that there is significant relationship between the supply chain practices and the service quality of the restaurant. The implications of our results for practising managers are also offered. Our results suggest that supply chain managers should consider the practices identified in this study while deciding on the appropriate level of supply chain integration in the five service quality dimensions in their strategic planning efforts

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