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Sugar Cane Purchase Pattern from Cane Growers in Karnataka State: A Case Study of BSSK Ltd, Hallikhed (B)

Dr. Anil Kumar S.Hagargi

Sugarcane is one of the most significant commercial crops and Karnataka state and Belgaum district being playing the most vital role in the sugarcane production. It is witnessed there are 58 Working sugarcane factories operating in cooperative societies public and private sectors thus creates a demand for the sugarcane to a greater extent. The papers make an attempt to bring the insights of purchase pattern adopted by the sample unit. The industry been a key driver of rural economy and accounts for rural development and has impacted significantly on the national economy as India is largest consumer of sugarcane. Further the paper brings out the problems faced by the cane growers and the support of sample organization and their help for farmers. The sector has been a inclusive support for over 50 million sugar cane growers and their families. At present the sector is on the cross roads where it can leverage opportunities created by global shifts in trading of sugar and emergence of cane sugar as a source of renewable energy. The paper draws attention of the state governments role of fixing price in the wake of farmers suicides due to losses and fixing of prices at low cost and puts an eye of Belgaum assembly session where farmers and cane sugar growers posted an agitation and outcomes of the government decision. Sugar industry is one of the agricultural based industries in Karnataka. Karnataka is third biggest state in sugar growing. Sugar cane is growing in 5.20 lakh hectares of land and nearly 409 lakh tonnes of sugar cane growing in the state yearly. 85% of the sugar cane is used in producing sugar and 15% to the cane seed and jaggery

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