Subjective Cognitive Decline: Mental Health, Loneliness, Pain and Quality Of Life: Poblational Study | Abstract
Journal of Tourism & Hospitality

Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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Subjective Cognitive Decline: Mental Health, Loneliness, Pain and Quality Of Life: Poblational Study

Hongjuan Song

Background: Tourists are influenced by pricing effects when deciding to buy a specific product. As this research field continues to evolve, this study reviewed the tourist’s process of price information and tourists’ behavior of related literature, focusing on the analysis of general price decisions theory and highlighting its empirical study with information processing. This study aims to review tourist literatures on price processes and behavior, and identify research term networks and active research countries based on previous literature.

Method: The articles found in the ISI Web of Science database were reviewed using bibliometric analysis, focusing on the literatures on price decisions about tourists published in the top 20 marketing journals. We analyzed the bibliographic data through a quantitative analysis approach and a knowledge mapping technique using bibliometric data. Knowledge mapping was performed using VOS viewer (V1.6.6), focalizing on “link strength” of networks based on author keywords, and the text corpus (title and abstract). To identify emerging terms, we manually edited the thesaurus list to exclude the general terms such as tourist, market and category and to avoid irrelevant terms (i.e., pricing strategy, price competition, industry or BOB pricing). We used the full counting method to produce co-occurrence networks of the most-used terms for author and corpus text keyword with a minimum of 2 occurrences for each term, and make the heat hap of active countries publishing about price decisions by tourists.

Conclusion: It was found that USA and Germany are leading price decision research about tourists, and Current research focuses on tourists' response to a single price information and ignoring price affect during tourists’ decisions, which is assumed to be in a non-updated and certain information state. Therefore, it is encouraged that the growing community of researchers reveal the dynamical tourist’s price decisions under uncertain with a dual system (cognitive and affect) in the future.

Published Date: 2021-02-01; Received Date: 2021-01-11