Subatomic Medicine and the Atomic Theory of Disease | Abstract
Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine
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ISSN: 2161-1025


Subatomic Medicine and the Atomic Theory of Disease

Sonia T. Orcutt, Thao Nguyen, Theresa R. Harring, Jedrzej Wosik, Alex Chang, Percy Lee, Michael Steinberg, Lisa Bodei, Giovanni Paganelli, James S. Tomlinson and Charles Brunicardi F

This review discusses the history of the discovery of subatomic particles, our current understanding of these particles and their use in medical technology and therapy and how these combine to propose an atomic theory of disease in which alterations in the subatomic particles are the root causes of disease. A better understanding of the anatomy of the atom itself could bring about new treatments for diseases and better outcomes. As we move towards the ideal of personalized genomic medicine, a bridge between scientific and clinical knowledge is needed to link the influence of subatomic particles with an individual’s disease process.