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Study on the Quality of Service in Rural Homestay -Taking Shanli Lohas as an Example

Liu Yaru, Xiao Liu and Ma Jing

The rural homestay has gradually become a new format in the development of rural tourism in China. The rural homestay is a different accommodation experience than the traditional hotel. It brings the most interaction between people, the warmth of the people, the family service. However, due to various reasons, the villages in many places are still in the state of “farmhouse”, and the quality of service is seriously lagging behind. This paper selects the Shanli Lohas rural hotel as the research object, and builds a reasonable evaluation system of the B&B service quality from four aspects: infrastructure, service quality, resource characteristics and local contact by means of participatory observation and deep semi-structured interviews. Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of its development, and propose the formation of brand effect, strengthen the development and design of night tourism products and activities, expand the business model of the second and third consumption, and improve the service quality improvement measures of the personnel security system. This research not only supplements the research on the quality service of the current rural homestay, but also proposes specific solutions from the actual situation. It aims to better promote the development of rural homestay and promote the development of rural touris