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Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Study on the Diffraction-Like and Interference-Like Mechanisms of Particle Flow

Jiqing Zeng* and Tianhe Zeng

The Young’s double slit experiment and the electron double slit experiment are generally considered to prove the wave nature of light and electrons. The most obvious sign of the double-slit experiment is that there are bright and dark stripes on the screen. However, people have not carefully studied the causes of the light and dark stripes. Here, we demonstrates that the light and dark fringe in Young’s double-slit experiment is not actually the diffraction and interference pattern of light wave, and tries to reveal the real reason for its formation. We have studied the scattering phenomenon of particle flow after passing through the gap, and found that the scattering type and scattering degree of freedom of particle flow are determined by the physical parameters of particles and the gap, and the uniform scattering of particle flow can form a “yes” and “no” discrete distribution pattern on the receiving screen. Based on the “diffraction like” and “interference like” mechanism of particle flow, this paper explains the electron diffraction and interference experiment, as well as the Young’s double-slit interference experiment and the diffraction of light through circular holes and plates. This paper negates the wave-particle duality and the de Broglie material wave hypothesis, fundamentally shaking the foundation of modern quantum mechanics, and has great scientific significance.

Published Date: 2023-05-19; Received Date: 2023-04-19