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Study on Issue Price Performance of IPO’s In India: 2010-2014

Dr. Vikas Gupta & Mr. Nitin Saxena

tock market is most promising sector in an Indian economy for raising the level of Indian financial system. After liberalization phase stock market has proven as a weapon of fighting with the foreign economies. After its inception in 1875 stock market has been played a challenging role for savers as well as for investors. Directions of an economy can be measured by movement of volatility index .Stock Index has been a barometer for measuring the performance of Indian economy with its development. Micro and macro economic factors have continuously affected the industrial growth. Our financial industry has been affected by financial crisis frequently that has proven the stock market full of risk and uncertainty. That was already an unsolved problem for the investors. But CAPM, APT, Portfolio diversification has proven a very effective risk management tools. Nifty and Sensex always have been in the mind of active investors which have changed the life as miracle. Indian stock market has gained new milestones and its volatility has surprised our economy with the expansion in equity, debentures, bonds, real estate, Options, Futures, and Derivatives. Our Indian economy will be the third largest economy after 2035 according to a survey. After getting freedom from Britishers, Indian economy has survived with rebuilding their stand through monetary policies, fiscal policies, five year plans etc. Efficient and effective stock market is that place where prices of the security are showing all related information about that with its true worth. Working on Indian stock market has become interesting job for various researchers. Already appreciable studies have been conducted in this area. This paper is an attempt to analyze stock market conditions with all related measure to check on risk management tools with their respective return. With the help of Secondary sources like current research studies, Reports of BSE, NSE this study has been taken further to exploring some new highlights