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Study on Customer Satisfaction of Nokia Mobile in Tiruchirappalli District, Tamilnadu.

D. Annette Christinal and V.Vinoutha

The present study attempts to know the customer satisfaction of Nokia phone users. The research has been undertaken to know and analyse the factors influencing customer satisfaction and role of media influencing the customer to prefer a particular brand and also the satisfactory level of the customers in preference and the reason behind the insistence of the particular brand. The study may be helpful for the firm to revitalize itself. Also the area that needs improvement might concentrated. This study also analyse the customer satisfaction and will help the firm to improve in future. Consumers or customers at present are well informed and they have a wide knowledge of products available, their price, quality and performance. They are provided with a wide choice of goods and have all liberty to choose from a array of product alternatives. The study of the customer satisfaction is basically social in nature. Socio-economic environment play an important role in shaping customers satisfaction to understand the socio-economic background of the sample population of various factors such as educational level, occupational categories, level of income, size of the family are considered. Marketing strategy has great impact on the firm’s success. The modern marketing concept assumes that the consumer is omnipotent and a king, who controls the business, power over the product types, brands, retailers and manufacturers. Marketing is essential because of its direction towards the satisfaction of customer’s needs and in this context the consumer is the centre of attraction.