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Study of Branding: Challenges, Positioning & Repositioning

Dr. Sanjay Manocha

The battle for a share of the consumer's wallet and cut throat competition for every bit of market space has resulted in search for a powerful weapon that delivers sustainable competitive differentiation. In the beginning itself it is of great relevance to quote Philip Kotler, marketing guru about his perception on brands, "Branding is expensive and time consuming and it can make or break a product." But even then, today, branding is such a strong force that hardly anything goes unbranded. No one had thought that commodities like "Aata", & "Rice" would be branded. Today, one does not go to the shop and ask for just salt but will ask for Tata Salt or Captain Cook Salt or Annapurna Salt. These brands have become part of our daily life. Developing of an effective brand allows the organization to create a distinctive presence in the market and compete more effectively by leveraging its organizational strengths. In the current competitive market, brands are identified as an intangible asset that can be revenue generating in the long run. The brand managers are today facing the twin challenges of localization versus globalization and individualization versus homogenization. In the present paper an effort has been made to study concept of branding, its meaning, functions, branding benefits and approaches of branding. Also branding positioning, repositioning and challenges of brand management have been covered.