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Students Preference for the Various Teaching Methods in Tourism Courses: A Case of Tourism Management Department, Madawalabu University

Aynalem S, Abebe F, Guadie Z and Bires Z

This study was design to assess the student’s preference of the various teaching methods in tourism management department, Madawalabu University. Students and teacher were the subjects of the study. Lottery randomization sampling technique was employed to select 23 s from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year student for the questionnaires. Five teachers were purposively selected for in-depth interviews including the team leader. Six formal lesson observations were conducted. Qualitative data was narrated and presented thematically and quantitative data was analyzed with the help of SPSS Version 20 used to compute descriptive statistics measures (frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation) and the relationship between different variables were analyzed through Pearson correlation. The result showed that field trip is preferred as most interesting method of teaching for students to learn tourism courses followed by discussion, problem solving and brainstorming whereas lecture method is labeled as least interesting.