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Stress and Analysis of Management Tactics among the Employees of Jammu and Kashmir Bank - A Case Study of Rajouri District

Mr. Jatinder kumar and Mr. Kafeel Ahmed

Banking sector act as the most important sector that deals with banking as well as non- banking activities. It is one of the significant and competitive sectors in the country. There are many challenges which are faced by the banking organizations from last few decades in terms of change in technology, diversification in services and global banking. Such type of change in the system, procedure and the technology make the employees more complicated and tough. So the stress is inevitable on the part of the employees. Every employee in the organization not able to handle change within the working procedure. This will lead to stress among employees. The basic endeavor of this paper to find out the reasons of stress among the bank employees and the technique used to handle up with stress generated at work place. It is found that many employees in the work place remains in stress and tried out to find the solution to go away from stress. Some of the measure also recommended for taking some mental and physical relief from stress