Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Strategic Management Interventions for Coproduction in Public Higher Education

Mr. Munirudheen A. and Dr. (Mrs.) Kumudha A.

Students of higher education institutions (HEI) should demonstrate sound academic preparedness and higher levels of motivation towards superior learning. Such contributions from students, if complemented by professors, culminate in coproduction of knowledge by students, peers and teachers together. Some of the HEIs sponsored by governments follow open admission policies. As a result, ill-prepared as well as insufficiently motivated student-cohorts from secondary schools reach such HEIs. Besides, insufficient aptitude and improper attitude among students contagiously develop throughout the educational pyramid, which create barriers in coproduction in government HEIs. This paper identifies the barriers originating from students in coproduction in order to address them inclusively. It proposes strategic management interventions to enable students amplify aptitude and reform attitude so that effective coproduction occurs in such government HEIs.

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