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Some Factors Associated with Income Generating Activities around Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park in Zanzibar

Hamisa S. Faki and Akarro, R.R.J.

The contribution of Income Generating Activities (IGA) through Village Savings and Credits Associations (VSLA) groups implementation on poverty reduction among the rural community was one of the interested things to examine in this paper, in Southern and Central districts of Unguja. The primary objective of the paper is to determine factors associated with Income Generating Activities (IGA) among the VSLA groups. The population of this study was all IGA group members and non group members from all nine villages which are at Jozani - Chwaka Bay Conservation Project (JCBNP) area. The study applied two conceptual frameworks, namely determinants of total group income and the factors influencing participation in the IGA groups. The study used two hypotheses, first hypothesis determining the impact of fine charge, interest, total share, economic activities and visitor contribution on total income of the group, while the second hypothesis measures the association between demographic determinants and participation into IGA's group. The results show that male and female contribution, and other economic activities were statistically significant at 5% level. It is recommended that government should improve Jozani National Park be the world class tourism point, provide education to the villagers surrounding the forest on importance and targets of the IGA groups, support the group’s production activities using modern technology, allocate portion of revenues collected from groups to support social economic activities within villages such safe and clean water projects, supply of electricity etc.