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Soft Skills for Sure Success

Dr. V. Sundaresan

The olden days witnessed the less job availability but there were more qualified candidates. The employers were limited. The cost of living was tolerable. Man’s qualities were on the areas of the domain subjects. The selection processes were limited to personal interviews only, as far as private entrepreneurs were concerned. For the jobs in Government and Bank, there were written tests and personal interviews conducted to select the candidates. Recommendations to certain job opening were also a fashion of those days. Of course, still it is in persistence. But, one could seek a job but the selection processes are many and not as it were. My article is depicting the required and essential skills to get identified by the prospective employers, what are those qualities, how to acquire those skills and settle-down in life with a lucrative job. No doubt, the Employers seek candidates with knowledge of soft skills not only at the entry level opening, but also for all middle and senior level opening. This is also considered as prime qualities in Personality Development requirement. Let us see in this Article the significance of Soft Skills.