Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Social Impact Assessment of Road Infrastructure Projects

Ms Nirali Shukla, Dr. H.J.Jani

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is defined as an effect (both positive and negative) on a social issue resulting from infrastructure development projects (UNESCAP, 2001). It involves assessment of impacts on both communities and their environment. When viewed from the standpoint of sustainable livelihoods, an infrastructure project is likely to alter the asset base of communities and social impact assessment attempts to identify and, wherever possible, quantify these effects. However, a quick literature review reveals that attempts at gauging or measuring social impacts of infrastructure projects have been suggestive or, at best, normative. The main objectives of the Social Assessment exercises are to assess the Social Impact of the project, identify issues and assess consequent risk to the project due to positive and negative impact, measures to mitigate the negative impacts and risk due to the road interventions.

Published Date: 0001-01-01;

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