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Social Capital, Lever Performance of Agricultural Cooperatives: The Case of Cooperatives of Saffron Taliouine

Elamri Kaltoum and Aquelmoun Abdesalam

For two decades, a large literature has developed around the concept of "social capital." Its developers build on the idea that social relations, norms and shared values, and trust facilitate coordination and cooperation between individuals or groups. Science research management and strategic management consider their next social capital as a source of business performance and value creation. Nahapiet and Ghoshal (1998) and Bolino and co-authors (2002) showed specifically that "citizenship behavior in the organization" contribute to the development of social capital, and this positively influences the competitive advantage. In the context of this article we try to elucidate the effects and impacts of social capital on the performance of saffron cooperatives Taliouine region (Morocco) from the results of our exploratory interview survey conducted as part of our doctoral research.