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Social Capital, Lever Performance of Agricultural Cooperatives: Review of the Literature on Social Capital

Elamri Kaltoum and Aquelmoun Abdesalam

The concept of "social capital" knows today a success of esteem in the social sciences. Evidenced in the first place and the many articles published in the past few years in the field of sociology , political science , economics and social sciences and even in the history books . After a growing interest in research communities in the social sciences, governments of industrialized countries and major international organizations have taken the concept to better decipher social situations, political or economic supplanting the passage of other countries even approaches dominant there. However the success that knows the concept of social capital is responding to changes in current theoretical research in the social sciences since the early 80s and especially with the booming development of the reflections which now call for trust, networks, reciprocity ... to give a reason for changing social relations in modern societies. In this paper, in the form of review of the literature on social capital, we will attempt to try to define the concept and its different meanings with the aim of its conceptualization in the context of our doctoral research.