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Skill Acquisition and Youth Empowerment in Nigeria

Idoko and Cletus Usman

Skill acquisition as a means of youth empowerment has caught government’s attention in Nigeria for over two decades. This is so because it is believed that exposing youth in skill acquisition programmes will reduce youth unemployment and enhance their self sustenance. In view of this therefore, this paper examines different skill acquisition programmes established by past and present administrations in the country to ensure youth empowerment. It also discusses different youth empowerment strategies that could imbibe in the youths the spirit of self-reliance and self-dependence. The study also made recommendations such as the establishment of skill acquisition centers in every nook and cranny of the country to make the programme accessible to the youths, the recruitment of competent and experienced craftsmen and women as instructors to make these programmes more viable and the streamline of the skill acquisition programmes to make them effective for the benefits of the unemployed youths in the country among others.

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