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Significant Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture on Intractable Dermatophytosis

Shao-jun Wang, Si-ting Li and Ye-hui Yin

Objective: To observe the clinical efficacy of acupuncture on intractable dermatophytosis so as to provide the new approach to the treatment of dermatophytosis. Method: The fire needling and body acupuncture were used in combination. The main points were selected from the local lesions and the fire needling technique with multiple stimulation and shallow puncture was used on the skin lesions. Supplementary points: (1) Selection along the meridians: The He-sea points of the related meridians with the skin lesion involved were added. (2) Selection according to the syndrome differentiation. The therapeutic efficacy was evaluated according to the scores of symptoms and physical signs as well as infrared thermogram and laser speckle blood flow imaging techniques. Results: After 24-time treatments, the curative rate was 45.16% and the remarkably effective rate was 48.39% in intractable tinea corporis and cruris (TCC); the curative rate of tinea manus and pedis (TMP) was 38.89% and the remarkably effective rate was 50%. It deserves noticing that acupuncture achieved the apparent effect on dermatophytosis, which is irreplaceable by the other therapies. Conclusion: Acupuncture is the considerably effective method in treatment of dermatophytosis