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SERVQUAL of Private Sector Banks: A Study with Special Reference to Tamilnadu

D.Jagadeesan and P.Chinnadurai

Bringing and implementing of total quality in the service industry like banking industry is comparatively more critical and complex as well more difficult due to the fact that quality of services cannot be defined objectively. Additionally, banking industry by nature has less control over factors which adversely affect quality. There are few techniques considered to be more effective measurement techniques for services so far while a number of methods have been introduced and practiced for measuring the quality of physical goods. This article has made an attempt to verify the status and the implication of SERVQUAL in Private Sector Banks, one of the widely accepted tools for measuring service quality. The SERVQUAL methodology is briefly demonstrated by a small survey conducted on a randomly selected group of customers in order to know their perception regarding the service quality provided by a selected Private Sector Bank. This article also offers certain policy implications on service quality measurement.