Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Services Quality and Customer Loyalty: Adequacy of Servqual Model

Karunaratna A.C

Delivering services quality is a vital strategy for success of an organization at current competitive business context. In the telecommunications industry, the most dynamic change can be recognized in the field of mobile phone sector. The purpose of this study is to present empirical evidence of services quality effect on customer loyalty. The survey method was used to conduct the study. The sample consisted of 300 respondents. The Pierson’s Correlation and Regression analysis were employed to test the impact of services quality on customer loyalty. The study findings showed that services quality dimensions of responsiveness and empathy have significant positive relationship with customer loyalty while tangibles, reliability, and assurance also indicate positive correlation with customer loyalty. Exhibiting their level of loyalty, no significant difference between male and female subscribers was reported. The result together with respondents’ comments towards SERVQUAL to evaluate services quality in mobile phone industry is also discussed.

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