Sensory Nerves: A Driver of Bone Metastases' Vicious Cycle? | Abstract
Journal of Bone Research

Journal of Bone Research
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Sensory Nerves: A Driver of Bone Metastases' Vicious Cycle?

Enrico Fasolato

One of the most common sites for cancer metastasis is the bone. Bone metastasis is associated with a number of problems, the most prevalent and debilitating of which is bone pain. Increased neurogenesis, reprogramming, and axonogenesis of Sensory Nerves (SNs) in tandem with sensitization and excitation of SNs in response to the tumour microenvironment formed in bone cause Cancer-Associated Bone Pain (CABP). Importantly, CABP is linked to an increased risk of death, however the exact cellular and molecular mechanism is unknown. Autonomic nerves (sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves) and Sensory Nerves (SNs) are abundantly innervated in bone. The present state of knowledge about the role of SNs innervating bone in the pathophysiology of CABP will be discussed in this review. The idea that SNs aid cancer growth in bone will then be examined in light of our recent results showing SNs are involved not only in the formation of CABP but also in the advancement of bone metastasis in a preclinical model of CABP.

Published Date: 2021-10-29; Received Date: 2021-10-09