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Seismic Wave in Non-homogeneous Intermediate Layer on Half-Space

Dr. Rajneesh Kakar, Dr. K.C. Gupta, Dr. M.S. Saroa and Manisha Gupta

The propagation of SH-wave (a type of seismic wave) in a nonhomogeneous intermediate layer on half-space has been investigated. The rigidity and density of the intermediate layer are assumed as (1 )z e    and (1 )z e    i.e. vary exponentially as function of depth. The dispersion equation is obtained for the generated point source. The effect of nonhomogeneity on the generated SH-wave is also shown graphically for the various values of material parameters chosen for earth. The amplitude of the SH-wave falls off very sharply as the wave number increases slowly. In the absence of non-homogeneity factor  , the dispersion equation reduces to the classical equation