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Rural Market: The Core of Indian Market

Meenu Rani

“The future of India lies in its Villages” A majority of the total Indian population live in the villages. And this rural population comprises the core of Indian society and as well as it represent the real India. INDIA is a country with 1.12 billion people of which 70% live in rural areas which means more than 700 million people spread around 6,27,000 villages. India's rural population comprises of 12% of the world's population presenting a huge, untapped market. As per National Council OF Applied Economic Research, rural market accounts for 55 per cent of LIC policies of the 2 billion BSNL Mobile connections50 per cent are in villages and small towns. So the marketer has look forward to penetrate the growth on income and consumption in rural areas. FMCG sector in rural areas is expected to grow by 42 percent as against 25 percent in urban areas in coming quarters. As rural penetration increases, the rural markets would command more and more share of the overall consumer market space This paper is to present the current status of Indian rural marketing in present economic scenario and the opportunities, rural marketing strategies, problems along with challenges exists in rural marketing.

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