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Role of Work Values in Predicting Career Adaptability: A Study of University Students of the State of Himachal Pradesh

Dr. Sakshi Sharma, Dr. Nita Sunny & Dr. Jai Singh Parmar

The present study aims to examine the relationship between work values and career adaptability of university students. The data was collected from students of private universities located in Shimla and Solan districts of Himachal Pradesh. Questionnaires were distributed among 225 students out of which 129 questionnaires were returned by the respondents yielding a response rate of 57%. The participants consisted of graduate and post graduate students. Data thus collected have been analyzed with the help of SPSS 17. The various statistical tools viz. principal components analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis were used to examine the data. Exploratory factor analysis using PCA with varimax rotation was used to analyze the dimensional structure of participants work values. The results of the study showed a positive relationship between the work values of students and their career adaptability. Further, the results of the study indicated the intrinsic values as more influential factors in predicting the career adaptability of the university students as compared to extrinsic values