Role of Communication Skills for Management Students | Abstract

Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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Role of Communication Skills for Management Students

Dr. Rupa Rathee & Ms. Pallavi Rajain

Effective communication is vital for any business professional. Effective communication skills not only help to share ideas with others but they also foster good relationships among employees. Whether it is verbal or nonverbal communication both have equal importance. Therefore, keeping in mind the relevance of this subject for students, the present study was conducted. The study aimed to find management students’ perceptions regarding the importance of business communication course. For this data was collected from 200 management students studying in both government as well as private institutions located in National Capital Region. The sample was selected using non-probability convenience sampling method. The research instrument used for the study included a questionnaire based on five-point Likert scale. The data was analyzed using SPSS ver. 23. The results of the study suggested that even though the students understood the importance of business communication course, they were still not making good use of it. They lacked in communication skills particularly in group activities like group discussion, role playing etc. One of the reasons for this is the usage of English in most of the business communication programs which is not the first language of the students. This shows that more concentration needs to be payed in these areas to help students improve their level of communication. This will help them in standing out at job interviews, business meetings, public speaking. Students should be encouraged to actively take part in all activities during business communication classes.