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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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Results of Experiments on Creation of Forest Cultures from Sievers Apple Seedlings with Closed Root System on the Western Slopes of the Chatkal Ridge in Uzbekistan

Mamutov Bakhram Khojaniyazovich

This article presents results of experiments on the survival rate of seedlings of the Sievers Apple tree, created byplanting materials with a closed root system with different methods of planting on the western slope of the Chatkalridge of Uzbekistan. The results of experiments have established that the highest survival rate for 2 years among thevariants was observed with a deep planting at the rate of 88.4%. The usual and landing with the use of CarboxylMethyl Cellulose (CMC) provided almost the same survival rate between 78.4 and 78.6%. The lowest survival rate ofseedlings was observed only when planted with an open root system, where it was only 25%, which can beconsidered almost completely dead when creating forest cultures.