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Relevance of Instructional Supervision in the Achievement of Effective Learning in Nigerian Secondary Schools

Dr. Babatope Kolade Oyewole And Dr. Gabriel Babatunde Ehinola

Supervision of instruction has been a neglected aspect of school management in Nigeria. Instructional supervision, if properly organized and executed can lead to positive improvement in the achievement of effective learning in our schools and consequently lead to rising standard in educational system. Teachers are identified as individuals who have to develop professionally because they need the support of colleagues whose professional development is greater. The principal possesses greater information about the school system and about instructional and management strategies that can strengthen the teachers’ capacity to cope with classroom problems and thereby ensure adequate and effective learning on the part of the students. This paper examines the concept of instructional supervision, the principal as an instructional supervisor and relevance of instructional supervision in effective learning in Nigerian schools. It concludes that a closer, regular and continuous supervision is urgently needed especially now that a lot of changes have been introduced into the school curriculum.