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Relationship Management in Hospitality Industry: The case of Hotels in Ghana

Comfort M. Klutse

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become one of the hottest topics of interest in both the academic and practical across multiple disciplines. The current economic climate, increase in population, the emergence of businesses and the arrival of the internet have all made business environment very competitive and CRM very crucial to organizational performance in public, private, and nonprofit sectors. There have been several studies exploring CRM in various industries in developed countries. Much has not been in developing countries, particularly, those in sub-Saharan Africa and Ghana in particular. More importantly, limited literature has examined the CRM in the context of hospitality management. Studies that examine CRM and hotel performance found a strong relationship between CRM and hotel performance. In this study, we examine CRM in the hospitality industry in Ghana using a conceptual model that explains how the hospitality industry can make good use of CRM to improve hotel performance. This study further demonstrates how CRM dimension can be developed using various marketing tools in the hospitality industry

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