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Radiological Evaluation of the Lumbar Disc Height Changes in Pre and Post-Operatives of Degenerative Lumber Disorders Underwent Computer Navigated MIS-TLIF

Jamal Ahmad Saleem Alshorman


This retrospective study to assess the disc height changes pre and post-operation for the patients with degenerative lumbar disease whether the disc height improved by discectomy and cage implantation by MIS-TLIF procedure.


Between the periods of January to June 2016 a retrospective study of 40 patients (21 Female, 19 Male) with mean age 52.6 years old who underwent MIS-TLIF have compared pre and postoperation of MIS-TLIF through calculating disc height by the digital tool using X-ray image.


This study includes 56 segments of the lumbar spine. The X-ray post-operatively showed significant physiological changes in disc height with the disc height average 14.38 mm compared with the disc height preoperatively with the average disc height 9.83 mm, in addition, the T-test result was 2.050. The disc height improves significantly after MIS-TLIF, P 0>0.001, There was no serious complication found after performing the operation.


The MIS-TLIF procedure elevates the disc gap. Supported with cage and bone graft can restore the disc height to keep the normal lumber function that may play an important role in reliving the symptoms of degenerative lumbar disorders.

Published Date: 2019-02-18; Received Date: 2019-01-19