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Public-Private Nexus in Health Services Delivery in Developing Countries: What Makes Them Relevant?

Kembo M. Bwana

This paper is based on empirical assessment and reviews of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) literatures and evidence in health services delivery in developing countries. The review includes theory, models and evidences published in different articles from developing countries. Objective of this paper is to discuss the role played by the PPP in provision of the health services and factors that determine their efficacy and relevancy. Factors that pose challenges to the propelling of PPP in health services will also be pointed out. Although different papers published in journals have documented real cases of PPP models in health services delivery, there appears to be a lack of systematic summary of what they have already provided. Consequently, significance of this paper is the review of PPP studies published particularly on health services delivery. Through this analysis the paper will give insights or directing further PPP research particularly in developing countries. Additionally, little have been discussed about PPP in health services delivery in developing countries, henceforth the paper will contribute to the literatures on PPP in health services delivery in developing countries.