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Propagation of Torsional Surface Waves in a NonHomogeneous Crustal Layer over a Viscoelastic Mantle

Munish Sethi, K. C. Gupta and Monika Rani

The present paper studies the possibility of propagation of torsional surface waves in a non-homogeneous isotropic crustal layer lying over a viscoelastic mantle. Both rigidity and density of the crustal layer are assumed to vary exponentially with depth. Separation of variable method has been used to get the analytical solutions for the dispersion equation for the torsional surface waves. Further, in the absence of non-homogeneity and internal friction, this equation is in complete agreement with the classical result of Love. Also, the effects of non-homogeneity, internal friction (viscoelastic parameter), rigidity, wave number and time period on the phase velocity of torsional surface waves have shown graphically.