Proof of Universal Consciousness with the Direction of Energy Flow | Abstract
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Proof of Universal Consciousness with the Direction of Energy Flow

Darshan Jayaram


The concept of a Universal Knowledge Field was previously also framed as Universal Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Mind, Universal Memory, Universal Intelligence which suggests an essence of being and becoming in the universe. As a segment of creative cosmos we too create, self- reflect and come to know creator within. This is one of the best ways to know god, is through the knowing self. Another aspect that Nikola tesla clearly explained that lower the energy lower the operating consciousness .That means operating consciousness directly dependent on energy. The question is how to raise the energy level psychologically, we all know that energy is obtained from food and thoughts, recent neuro-scientific evidence can be interpreted in a way that suggests consciousness is a product of the organization of energetic activity in the brain.

The nature of energy itself, though, remains largely mysterious, and we do not fully understand how it contributes to brain function or consciousness. But this paper clearly explains how operating consciousness and energy are synchronised each other. We all know love is the basis for energy healing; the question is up to what extent you can love others? The Vedanta philosophy clearly promotes to love others at highest extent. This paper clearly proofs how universal consciousness (Vedanta philosophy) and energy are synchronized each other.

Published Date: 2021-02-26; Received Date: 2021-02-05