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Proof of Universal Consciousness with the Direction of Energy Flow

Darshan Jayaram

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The concept of a Universal Knowledge Field was previously also framed as Universal Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Mind, Universal Memory, Universal Intelligence which suggests an essence of being and becoming in the universe. As a segment of creative cosmos we too create, self- reflect and come to know creator within. This is one of the best ways to know god, is through the knowing self. Another aspect that Nikola tesla clearly explained that lower the energy lower the operating consciousness .That means operating consciousness directly dependent on energy. The question is how to raise the energy level psychologically, we all know that energy is obtained from food and thoughts, recent neuro-scientific evidence can be interpreted in a way that suggests consciousness is a product of the organization of energetic activity in the brain.

The nature of energy itself, though, remains largely mysterious, and we do not fully understand how it contributes to brain function or consciousness. But this paper clearly explains how operating consciousness and energy are synchronised each other. We all know love is the basis for energy healing; the question is up to what extent you can love others? The Vedanta philosophy clearly promotes to love others at highest extent. This paper clearly proofs how universal consciousness (Vedanta philosophy) and energy are synchronized each other.


The word consciousness is Latin rooted cum means “with” and scio meaning “know”. The Latin sense of consciousness means to share knowledge of it with someone else or within oneself. Though the consciousness doesn’t has a uniform scientifically accepted definition we can say consciousness is awareness of internal and external frequently connotes the relationship between mind and god or relationship between mind and deeper truth that are thought to be fundamental than the physical world. It is the spectrum there are several conscious states between fully conscious and unconscious. In medicine the degree of consciousness is measured using Glasgow coma scale, score between 3 to 15 is given and higher the consciousness higher the score. Decisions are made without being aware it.

Universal consciousness is a metaphysical concept suggesting an underlying essence of all being and becoming in the universe. We may say consciousness is an entity which knows or experience. The states of consciousness we may take Conscious, Subconscious and the Unconscious. But slightly different connotations obtained in Mandukya Upanishad quoted by Schrödinger in the epilogue to his masterpiece ‘What is Life’. The Upanishad speaks about all three states as Waking state, the Dream state and the Deep sleep state respectively but adds another most important state in which modern terminology we may call as super conscious, Where as an individual becomes one with universal.

Vedanta Philosophy

Vedanta is the most ancient religion of the world; Rig Veda is the oldest book in the world. Vedanta is not antagonistic to anything, though it does not give up truths which it considers fundamental. It does not believe in any of modern religious teachings. First it does not believe in a book, It denies the authority of one book over another book. It denies emphatically that any one book can contain all the truths about god, soul, and the ultimate reality. Those of you have read the Upanishads remember that they say again and again “Not by the reading of books can we realise the self.”

More interestingly it does not cling to any one person. Not one man or woman has ever become the object of worship among the vedantins, it cannot be. No book, No particular man to worship, nothing. A man is no more worthy of worship of any bird or any worm. We are all same but the difference is only in degree. I am exactly same as the lowest worm. There is only little room in Vedanta for any man to stand ahead of us and for us to go andworship him- he dragging us on and we being saved by him.

Vedanta teaches democratic god, you have a government, but the government is impersonal. Nobody seems to understand that the real power, the real life, the real strength is in the unseen, the impersonal the nobody. As a mere person separated from others, you are nothing, but as an impersonal unit of the nation that rules itself, you are tremendous power, but where exactly the power? Each Man is the power. There is no king. I see everybody equally the same. I have not to take off my hat and bow down to anyone. Yet there is tremendous power in each man.

Vedanta is just that. Here in Vedanta the kings entered in every one of us. We are all gods says the Vedanta

This makes Vedanta very difficult. It does not teach the old idea of god at all. In place of that God who sat above the clouds and managed the affairs of the world without asking our permissions, who created us out of nothing just because he liked it and made us under go all misery just because he liked it, Vedanta teaches the god that is in everyone, has become everyone and everything. His majesty the king has gone and the kingdom of heaven went from Vedanta. Vedantic idea is the infinite principle of god embodied in every one of us. God is spirit and he should be worshiped in and in truth. Does spirit live only in heaven? What is spirit? We are all spirit .What makes you different from me? Body and nothing-else. Forget the body, and all is spirit.

Vedanta proposes no sin nor sinner .No God to be afraid of. He is the one being of whom we shall never be afraid he is that .God is mans every self. People are not ready give up there little individuality, when we say impersonal they fear of losing little individuality. People think that this world is bad and imagine that heaven is somewhere else. It is a god himself, if you know it. So vedanta formulates not universal brother hood but universal oneness. I am the same as any other man, as animal- good, bad, anything. It is one body one mind and one soul throughout. Spirit never dies. You and Me are personnel god. The absolute god of the universe, is impersonal principle. God is infinite, impersonal being; ever existent, unchanging immortal, fearless and you are his incarnations, his embodiments. This is the god of the vedanta and his heaven is everywhere so Vedanta is everywhere only we must become conscious of it.The concept of energy that we are familiar with today emerged only slowly from its beginnings in the late eighteenth century. It developed through the study of thermodynamics in the nineteenth century, and then found its place at the centre of theories of relativity quantum mechanics, and cosmology in the twentieth [1]. In colloquial usage energy refers to ideas of vigour, vitality, power, activity, and zest. In scientific usage, however, energy is defined as the ability of a system to do work.

Another aspect that Nikola tesla clearly explained that lower the energy lower the operating consciousness .That means operating consciousness directly dependent on energy. Quantum physics clearly says: If we break an every sub atomic particle is nothing but energy. Energy is matter. Energy is the fundamental thing which drives life; we are just an accumulation of energy. Every thought has an energy which is recorded in our sub conscious mind. These energy plays a vital role in our life as its directly influence the operating. conscious , It’s our every action and practice which produces energy in our life, which in turn shape our life. Energetic activity is fundamental to all physical processes and causally drives biological behaviour. Recent neuroscientific evidence can be interpreted in a way that suggests consciousness is a product of the organization of energetic activity in the brain. The nature of energy itself, though, remains largely mysterious, and we do not fully understand how it contributes to brain function or consciousness. Energy is fundamentally important in all physical and mental processes. As the biophysicist Harold Morowitz put it: “the flow of energy through a system acts to organize that system” Light, chemical reactions, electricity, mechanical work, heat, and life itself can all be described in terms of energetic activity For many neuroscientists, the main function of energy in the brain is to fuel neural signalling and information processing [2]; energy supply is seen as a constraint on the design and operation of the brain’s computational architecture Robert Shulman and colleagues have argued there is a direct connection between energy in the brain and consciousness [3,4]. By studying the progressive loss of behavioural response to external stimulus from wakefulness to deep anaesthesia, they found a corresponding reduction and localisation of cerebral metabolism. There is no formula & their will not be any formula for measuring brain. Although it is microscopic but it has an energy force of within.

For understanding our energy force of brain we have to view the storage of fruits of our action on our head joining with our MIND helping us to co-relate with our BRAIN within a divinity within us. It is a property that can be converted from one form to another and in an isolated system the total quantity is conserved. The concept of energy in the European intellectual tradition can be traced back to Aristotle who used but never precisely defined the term energeia to convey the ideas of action, activity, actuality, being at work, and acting purposefully


Usually we live in two worlds one is external world and other is internal world, from an ancient time man has started exploring equally in this two world. Exploration started from external world first. He started seeking pleasure at first from external world by sensory satisfaction. By the result of it he got many answers from it .As the time passes he started exploring internal world, but the result was much more than pleasure .He realized something which is greater than pleasure which is joy, Ecstasy, blissful nature of human kind Vedanta philosophy clearly explains this bliss nature.

Let’s summarise the Vedanta philosophy:

Vedanta philosophy clearly says:

• You are god.

• You are everywhere.

• Each and every human being, birds, little worms i.e every living creatures are you, (god).There is no difference between you and others. Only there is little variation in degree.

• The god whom others have found outside is also inside of you and in every living being.

• You are not body, but you are spirit, it is the spirit you must worship not body.

• Say you are an incarnation of god.

• You live in every mind, body and soul. You are the creator and creation.

• You were never born and never going to die.

• This is the overview of Vedanta philosophy and this is what we all know as universal consciousness.

We all know that every thought we manifested produces energy within us which is the fundamental thing for our life. Our practice and our actions which are repeated day by day produce some amount of energy, these actions and practices in which we identify ourselves as individuality ,These repeated practice is known as character .These actions and practice are imprinted in our sub conscious mind. The energy behind these practices varies unknowingly

Psychologically we make so many positive thoughts and produce positive energy and negative thoughts and produce negative energy.

The Key Factor of this paper is “if you are in line with the above philosophy you are producing a positive thought in turn producing the positive energy. If you are against this philosophy you are producing a negative thoughts in turn negative energy”. For every problem there is a root cause, the above philosophy is the solution for many psychological problems. Yes it answers for many questions. This philosophy is base or skeleton of consciousness. People are talking knowingly or unknowingly based on above philosophy only. Fully conscious man is on this state only, all enlightenment, universal consciousness, super consciousness and mysticism falls upon this philosophy only

Practical Example

Many people claims that this principle is only theory sake not in reality. In reality this is the impossible task and so on. But most of the people live in delusion itself they don’t know the actual reality; they create the delusion and live in the delusion itself, perceiving the delusion itself as reality. But actual reality is the above philosophy.

If you hate others for their look or appearance, you are against the above philosophy thus you are producing the negative energy within yourself. That heartedness kills you within yourself, they may be external stimuli but reaction is happening from inside.

Another example if someone is lazy he degraded himself, he is against the philosophy or principle and hence he is gaining negative energy. Lusty mind destroys you from inside. Even the lusts, anger, jealous greediness all are against the philosophy hence they produce negative energy.

Love, compassion, strength etc. are in line with this philosophy hence they produce positive energy. We can give so many examples. If love is basis for energy healer then only according to this philosophy we can love others at maximum extent. If you meet another person same as “you” in this world then you love him completely as though you love yourself. But in reality daily you meet others are actually god or you yourself .The core love will manifest within yourself .Hence energy will be manifested astonishingly. Knowingly or unknowingly the whole human consciousness is relying on this philosophy itself; if energy is directly affecting the human consciousness then we can manifest the energy easily by this philosophy. You will not have a fear of death, because you are everywhere, your little individuality is killed and realizing your true nature is achieved with full energy. After going through this philosophy you’ll not require any guidance in life, only blissful nature remains, no attachment to anyone or anything and you will get clarity in life.


• Surprisingly Energy is in line with this philosophy.

• The one who is how close to this philosophy, will get that much positive energy and vice versa.

• If you don’t believe in god that’s okay start seeing your own self everywhere, both are same.

• Nature is supporting universal consciousness, as energy is the vital aspect in forming yourself.

• Nikola tesla said if you want to find the secret of this universe search in terms energy frequency and vibration.

• The skeleton of consciousness is the above philosophy, every motivational talk is based on this philosophy itself. Everyone’s true nature is above philosophy itself.

• Some may get frightened as they realized they are everywhere and they are not going to die, because they are coming out of little individuality and realizing universal self within them.

• This philosophy does not proposes universal brotherhood but it proposes universal sameness

• I recommend much more research should be carried on these topics.

• Since the topic is new, I suggest a through observation on this topic.


Vedanta philosophy is the oldest philosophy of mankind which dates back before Buddha and Christ, before establishment of religions across the globe. Vedanta philosophy dominated before religion movement. It teaches how to enhance perception and consciousness, it does not teaches universal brotherhood but it claims universal sameness. Vedanta teaches universal consciousness and also describes all spectrum of consciousness. If you realise that you are everywhere and each and every person, animals, birds i.e. every living beings are you yourself, then energy manifest automatically as higher the consciousness higher will be energy as per Nikola tesla. As per quantum physics if we break down sub atomic particle what remains is energy, But that energy is following as per above Vedanta principle. We all know consciousness is what we perceive from environment and also as per Nikola tesla consciousness and energy are proportionate to each other , Hence energy is at highest rate is only through Vedanta principle because as soon as you separate yourself with other living beings chances of loving others is quite low as compared to united with everyone. So more you love others more energy you manifest within yourself.

Quantum physics also claims that each and every living being are same which has been already claimed in Vedanta principle.

Astonishingly, the Direction of energy flow is based on Vedanta principle, if you oppose this principle you will end up with negative energy.



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Author Info

Darshan Jayaram
Energy Alchemist, Tumkur ,Karnataka, India

Citation: Jayaram D, Proof of Universal Consciousness with the Direction of Energy Flow. J Yoga Phys Ther 11: 002.

Received: 05-Feb-2021 Accepted: 19-Feb-2021 Published: 26-Feb-2021 , DOI: 10.35248/2157-7595.21.11.330

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