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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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Progress, Achievements and Challenges of Tef Breeding in Ethiopia

Misgana Merga

Tef is one of the most stable food crop originated and diversified in Ethiopia. It is highly preferred behind Ethiopian people for consumption as food, especially it has good nutrition content and free of protein known as gluten. In addition, tef used as sources of income so that most of farmers again prefer to produce tef. Thus, the improvement of tef is primary important to maximize productivity. Since tef breeding program was started during late 1950s. From the initial to date several attempts have been done with the satisfactory result. During this period over forty-two varieties were released and the yield was relatively increased. Conversely some little amount of constraints is still not solved. In the same way there are also many challenges in the improvement and development of tef in Ethiopia. Therefore, this review paper was present the progress, achievements and major challenges of tef improvement in Ethiopia.