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Problems and Prospects of Administration of Nigerian Prison: Need for Proper Rehabilitation of the Inmates in Nigeria Prisons

Jombo Onyekachi

The objectives of the study are as follows: To ascertain the extent to which prison congestion in Nigeria poses a serious constraints on prison administration, to find out the extent funding has affected on the administration of Nigeria prison and to verify the extent to which lack of rehabilitation and correctional equipment in Nigeria Prisons constitutes a constraint to rehabilitation of inmates. The researcher adopted a survey design. The data used were mainly from primary sources which supported secondary sources. Data generated were analyzed using tools like simple tables, and percentage. The findings showed that inadequate funding of prisons by federal government of Nigeria constitutes an impediment to effective administration of Nigeria Prisons, lack of correlation facilities for the rehabilitation of offenders in Nigeria prisons is positively related to the increase of recidivism among prison inmates, the Nigeria extant laws on prisons have impacted negatively on the administration of her Prisons. The study recommended among other things that federal government should increase the funding of Nigeria Prison, and the need for government to amend the extant laws on prison to emphasize punishment and grant the rehabilitation of both Awaiting Trial Men (ATM) and the convicted.